Laboratory products and equipment
Dental Ceramic Systems
Prismatik Clinical Zirconia
Ceramco3 Porcelain System
IIPS Empress Esthetic
Dental Ceramic Systems
Pressed ceramic system. Zirconia Framework. Enhanced Matching Capabilities.
ByDENTSPLY Ceram co, this system provides for a customised firing process that reduces remakes and increases laboratory profitability and productivity. This porcelain system offers the aesthetics, vitality and shades with ease-of-use of traditional Ceramco porcelains.
Pressed ceramic system, which has been clinically proven for more than 15 years. 25 million placed restorations. The new IPS Empress Esthetic material opens up a host of esthetic possibilities, particularly veneers.
Unique blend of fluorescence, opalescence and chroma – providing uniformity that allows you to match shades perfectly regardless of the substructure. Unique, specially-engineered synthetic quartz glass offers a simple firing procedure and short firing cycles.
Dental Curing Units
Nevin Model 4900
26102SSWC Curing Unit
Prismatik Clinical Zirconia
26105SSWC Boilout/Curing Unit
Using a touch pad, the technician merely has to program the desired time and temperature desired for each phase of the curing cycle.
The 26102SSWC is the ultimate curing device for processing multiple dentures properly and efficiently. This unit is manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel with seamlessly integrated curing tanks, backsplash and marine edge to stop water from rolling off.
Control every phase of the wax softening, washout & curing process with precision.
The 26105SSWC has a vented cabinet with internal shield. Available with economical gas or electrical fuel. Available with faucet to fill tank. Heavy duty recirculating pump. Four faucet washout-tank-turn on walk away de-wax dentures & partials. Sinks built into stainless steel top with seamless design.
Dental Lab Work Lights
36 Watt Bench Light
110-Watt Ceiling-Mounted Workstation
72-Watt Bench Light
110-Watt Workstation Task Light
The 36-watt multipurpose bench light is compact yet powerful and can be used for traditional dental inspection with optional magnifier.
The 110-Watt Ceiling Mounted Workstation Light provides broad ambient lighting over your entire bench. The ceiling suspension system comes complete with 1/16-inch aircraft cable, self-locking Griplock™ Glider, 18/3 SVT coil power cord and hardware.
The benchlight provides broad ambient lighting with 2 36-watt, 5550º K color-corrected balanced daylight compact fluorescent lamps. It is ideal for shade matching of ceramic restorations and custom staining, but also great for intricate general dental lab procedures such as implant work and die trimming.
The 110-Watt Workstation Light includes mounting brackets and 2 shelves and provides broad ambient lighting over your entire bench. Parabolic louver insures glare-free precise lighting which reduces eyestrain and fatigue. Mounting bracket includes drilling template for fast, accurate mounting on new or existing benches.