Dental Hygiene
Hygiene Handpieces
Trophy Star 3
Istar Cordless
UltraPro tx air
Only 62 grams and made from anodized aluminum, the Prophy Star® 3 offers less stress and fatigue for the operator.
Created to make dental hygiene procedures more efficient, the iStar Cordless Prohylaxis Handpiece is compact and powerful. Compatible with all disposable prophy angles, the handpiece works without a foot pedal.
The PROPHYwiz is lighter than any other hygiene handpiece and provides perfect balance for ultimate comfort. The handpiece swivels 360º for unprecedented fingertip control and access to hard to reach areas.
Lightweight and ergonomic the Ultrapro Tx Air hygiene handpiece features a 360º swivel for optimal comfort and reduced hand fatigue. It features a universal e-type motor with soft-start and vibration-free operation.
Ultrasonic Scalers
Titan® Blis-sonic™ Scaler
Pro-Select Platinum
Elitedent MS-10B
The Titan® Blis-sonic™
removes hard calculus deposits and stains; Lightweight - Only 50 grams- relieves wrist and finger fatigue; Autoclavable - Motor and grips

The Pro-Select Platinum Ultrasonic Scaler delivers the fastest linear tip speed available (45,000 cycles/second) and is up to 80 percent faster than other ultrasonic scaling devices.
Economic Scaler unit can be integrated into dental unit. Powerful intensity removes calculus efficiently.
A self-contained, tabletop piezoelectric scaler, the Piezon 250 offers 35 power settings with fingertip adjustment and a LED-equipped handpiece.
Dental Air Polishing Systems
ProphyFlex 3 
ProphyMate neo
AIR-FLOW Handy 2+
A combination air polishing system and piezoelectric scaler, the AIR-FLOW S2 is designed to remove tooth deposits and stains including calculus, dental plaque and more.
ProphyFlex 3 portable Dental Air Polisher is effective and easy to use. Simply connect the handpiece to the MULTIflex coupler, for a quick disconnect and optimal portability.
ProphyMate neo Dental Air Polisher has excellent weight balance. A lightweight, compact powder chamber make Prophy-Mate neo comfortable to hold. 
The AIR-FLOW handy 2+ is the most advanced handy. It works with all AIR-FLOW Powder Classic, a specially treated sodium bicarbonate. 
Polishing Materials
AIR FLOW Powder Perio
Protho - Clean
AIR-FLOW Powder Soft
Synthetic Spray for the Cleaning and Polishing of Acrylic Resin Dentures for the removal of polishing material and monomer from crowns, bridges and dentures. Upgrades the presentation of your models. Just spray onto the model, leave for a short time and wipe off with a soft cloth. Mint flavor.
The new AIR-FLOW Powder PERIO performs more efficiently than  the Original AIR-FLOW Powder PERIO that has extra-fine grains with a particularly low density makes treatment. Its  more effective from the gingival crest to the deepest periodontal pockets. It also acts where, under the cover of biofilm, billions of bacteria proliferate in subgingival areas to perform their destructive work.
Developed by the inventor of the Original Air-Flow Method, the new Air-Flow Powder Soft is an advocate when it comes to promoting regular supragingival prophylaxis and does not abrade the enamel.
PREMA Enamel Microabrasion is a chemical-mechanical polishing compound containing a mild solution of hydrochloric acid with silicon carbide in a water-soluble slurry. The syringe delivery system permits an effective and economical application.
PREMA Enamel Microabrasion slurry is an acid-abrasive formulation used to correct superficial white, brown or multi-colored enamel defects.